Analysis of student writing 1

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Gopal and his wife is very poor. Everyday Gopal goes to river to catch the fish. Sometime there is no fish in net. Then Gopal and his wife Nataki didn't eat. Gopal is always happy. Because he like the river. One day he catches a very big fish. The big fish says, "Tell Nataki about me and please put me back in to the water." So the Gopal put in the water. At the house and tell everything. Then the Nataki says, "Go to the river again and ask some food and new dress for me." Tomorrow morning, the big fish jump into the his net. Gopal said , "My wife Nataki want some food and new dress." Then the big fish said, "Put me in the water and go home." Gopal home has a food and Nataki wearing a new dress. But the Nataki want more. So Nataki said, "I want a good food and new dress everyday ." So the next day Gopal goes to river and talk to big fish. And then Nataki have a new blue dress and good meal. But Nataki want more. She said , "I want some big house and new tables and chairs." Gopal goes to river and said fish, "Gopal wife has a new dress. But she want more." Gopal goes back to the river. And tell to the fish. Fish said, "She canít have all the things she want." Gopal goes home. There was a lot of money and new earrings. But Nataki want more. "I want to be a Queen of this country," said Nataki. Gopal talk about Nataki saids. Fish says, "Goodbye." Gopal goes home. There is no new house, no food. Nataki said, "Go back to the river now!" But there is no big fish in the river now. [General analysis]