Analysis of student writing 6

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I feel that this school is so comfortable because I am not good at English, so there is special English class in this school that is called ESL. And then teacher is so kind to communicate for ESL student. But I am uncomfortable other subject except PE and music. Because most of other teacher are negative English speaker, so I feel kind of hard to hear their talking. So I sometimes get a bad grade on my test and graded homework, however my Japanese friend help me that how to calculate the question and tell me about it so kindly in Japanese. So I always profit to me that I think that he is good friend for me. By the way, I participated in FIS team this trimester that unfortunately I could be in the Varsity team and then eventually I went to Paris for sports trip as a member of the FIS team, however we could be worst score. I could get a lot of experiences in this trimester and made up a lot of friend for me. I think that I am gradually improving my English skills better until recently, more specifically, communicate with people and understand each of subject gradually. Finally I am so happy to spend this school everyday and I have a lot of friends. [General analysis]