Analysis of student writing 7

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The English language is hard to use as normal like I speak in Swedish, one don't know how to express one when something happens. Of course I have learned to say oh I am sorry if I of mistake run in to somebody in the hallway but it is just what I learned to say, it is not like I am thinking in English how to say things I still think the words in Swedish. It is hard to be a ESL student somebody who don't speak the same language as the most other people. One canít really be the person one are in normal way when one canít speak, every thing just feel like a teather scene where no-one is the same person one usually are. One really cool thing that I havenít really thought about is that I meet so much Japanese and Korean people in the school that is really nice. There is alot new people coming every year so one has the chance to learn to know new people. It is also lots of people living the school living is very sad and hard to just let go about people one cares about. Last year the last day was kind of scary because even if I didnít knew much people I felt that it was very painful see people living and I will probably not see all the people again. [General analysis]