This web program allows you to carry out your own analysis of English grammar, vocabulary and usage. For example, you could analyse the English article system by seeing how native-speakers use the words "a" and "the". You could compare the use of the prepositions "on", "at", and "in" in expressions of time. Or you could examine how indirect speech is formed after words like "said" or "told".

The way to start is to find a text you want to analyse - for example, a page on the web, or a piece of writing you have done. Copy the text into the box on the right and click "Go". You will be able to highlight three different words at a time in the text you have chosen. You do this by writing the words in one of the three boxes and pressing Enter. You can experiment on this text before analysing a text of your own.

Have fun in your investigation of the wonders of language!

[Please note: Texts with non-standard English punctuation will not work properly. Speech must be enclosed by "double quotation marks" - 'single' speech marks will not work since they will be interpreted as apostrophes!]
In one of the boxes below, type a word you want to find in the text on the left. Then press Enter:



To analyse your own text, copy the text into following box:

and click .