icon The verbs in the text should all be in the past simple tense. You have to find the 15 verbs that are in the present tense and correct them.
icon Click the verb that you think is wrong, then write its correction in the box below.
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Mrs    Cable    was    the    richest    woman    in    the   
city,    but    she    is    also    a    busybody.    She   
always    wanted    to    know    what    everybody    is    doing.   
When    she    needs    something    she    rings    a    bell   
and    a    servant    came.    One    day    a    truck   
stops    in    front    of    her    house    and    three   
men    got    out.    They    are    carrying    a    large   
box.    Mrs.    Cable    sees    this    and    told    her   
servant,    Sam,    to    go    and    see    what    the   
men    were    doing.    Sam    goes    out    and    spoke   
to    the    men    but    they    don't    tell    him.   
When    he    came    back    Mrs.    Cable    is    very   
angry    with    him.    Next    she    sent    George    to   
find    out.    He    didn't    want    to    go    at   
first    and    Mrs.    Cable    told    him    he    is   
afraid.    When    he    goes    out    the    men    ignored   
him    when    he    said    good    morning.    He    tries   
again    but    this    time    the    big    man    hit   
him    in    the    stomach    and    he    fell    on   
the    ground.       Mrs.    Cable    sees    all    this   
and    came    on    to    the    street.       The   
men    take    her    by    the    arms    and    put   
her    in    the    box.