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Joe    Smith    is    a    fifty-five    year    old    Englishman   
who    lives    in    London    all    his    life.    He   
was    married    to    a    doctor    for    15    years,   
but    they    have    got    divorced    two    years    ago   
and    he    now    lives    alone.    He    was    recently   
fired    from    his    job    as    architect    and    is   
now    unemployed.    He    is    pessimistic    that    he    will   
be    able    to    find    another    job    before    he   
will  retire .    His    two    daughters,    one    of    which    is    17   
and    the    other    13,    lives    with    his    ex-wife.    The    older   
girl    has    recently    become    pregnant    and    would    like    to   
keeping    the    baby    even    though    she    don't    intend    to   
get    married.    Both    Joe    and    his    ex-wife    think   
that    she    is    too    young    for    the    responsibility   
of    bringing    up    a    child    as    a    single   
parent    and    have    advised    her    having    an    abortion.   
She    refuses    to    listen    to    them    and    is   running   
out    of    the    room    when    they    bring    up   
the    subject.