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Martin    Luther    King    born    at    January    15    1929   
in    Atlanta,    Georgia.    He    had    a    brother    and   
a    sister,    and    live    in    a    large    house   
with    his    parents    and    grandmother.    His    father,    who   
was    the    grandson    of    the    slave,    worked    in   
a    bank    and    was       important    person    in    the   
black    community    of    Atlanta.    Martin    had    a    happy   
and    comfortable    life    at    home    with    his    family   
but    as    soon    as    he    left    his    parents,   
he    have    problems    because    of    his    colour.    At   
that    time    in    some    parts    of    the    USA   
black    people    was    not    allowed    to    use    white   
people's    toilets,    and    must    give    up    their    seat   
on    the    bus    if    a    white    person    wanted   
to    sit    down.    Martin    couldn't    used    the    same   
libraries    or    parks    as    white    boys,    and    he   
was    not    allowed    to    go    to    the    same   
school.    One    day    Martin    made    friends    with    two   
white    brothers,    but    when    their    mother    founded    out   
he    was    black,    she    forbade    them    to    play   
with    him.    This    hurt    Martin    very    much,    and   
he    promised    himself    he    will    fight    for    the   
rights    of    black    people    when    he    got    older.