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Martin    Luther    King    is    most    famous    for    the   
speech    what    he    gave    in    Washington    in    front   
of    thousands    of    people    who    have    marched    there   
from    all    over    the    country.    The    speech    is   
known    by    the    words:    I    have    dream.    Soon   
after    this    speech,    Martin    Luther    King    killed    by   
an    assassin    as    he    was    stood    on    a   
hotel    balcony    in    Memphis.    He    was    only    39   
years    old    as    he    dead    ,    and    who   
know    what    he    might    do    if    he    had   
lived    longer.    But    it    is    thanks    to    him   
that    many    black    people    in    America    now    has   
the    chance    of    the    better    life.