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Mr    and    Mrs    White    and    their    son    Herbert   
was    sitting    in    their    living-room    on       cold,    windy   
night,    when    suddenly    they    have    heard    a    knock   
on    the    door.    It    was    Morris,    an    old   
friend    of    Mr    White.    He    told    stories    about   
his    journeys    around    the    world    and    show    them   
a    monkey's    paw    what    he    got    from    a   
man    in    India.    The    paw    was    magic    and   
could    grant    three    wishes.    Morris    throwed    the    paw   
on    the    fire    because    he    was    dangerous,    but   
Mr    White    took    it    and,    after    Morris    had   
went ,    he    wished    for    $400.    Nothing    happened   
and    Herbert    went    to    work    in    his    factory.   
When    he    didn't    arrive    back    at    usual    time,   
Mrs    White    starts    to    worry.    Then    a    man   
came    to    the    door    and    told    them    the   
terrible    news    -    Herbert    had    been    died    in   
a    big    machine    in    the    factory.    A    week   
after    the    death    of    her    son,    Mrs    White   
suddenly    remembered    that    they    still    have    two    wishes.   
She    looked    for    monkey's    paw    and    wished   
her    son    alive    again.    A    little    later    they   
heard    a    loud    banging    on    a    door    and   
Mrs    White    ran    to    see    her    son.    Mr   
White    knew    that    his    wife    will    be    killed   
if    she    opened    the    door    and    made    the   
final    wish    -    for    Herbert    being    dead    again.