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The    Titanic    was    biggest    and    expensivest    ship    in   
the    world.    He    was    built    in    Ireland    in   
1911.    First    voyage    of    the    Titanic   
was    from    Europe    to    America.    In    a    ship   
there    were    about    1200    passengers.    The    rich    passengers   
was    on    the    upper    decks    and    the    poor   
passengers    on    the    lower    decks.    On    14    April   
1918    the    Titanic    hitted    an    iceberg.    The    iceberg   
make    a    big    hole    in    the    side    of   
the    Titanic    and    the    ship    began    to    sink.   
Some    people    survived    because    he    got    into    a   
lifeboat.    Many    other    people    died    when    they    fall   
into    the    freezing    water.