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Error types

All the pages in this part of the site have quiz questions. In the answers to the questions I have used the words correct/incorrect, right/wrong, possible/impossible, usual/unusual, standard/non-standard or likely/unlikely. These words need some explanation.

English, like all languages, is not set in stone. It is very flexible and constantly changing. Furthermore, there is not one English; there is British English, American English, New Zealand English, Black English, Scottish English, Liverpool English, and so on. Of course there is considerable overlap between these varieties of English but what is correct or usual in one of the varieties may not be so in another.

However, it is impossible for me take all this variation into account in these pages, and since I am British I will start from what is sometimes called BBC English. I will apply the terms correct/usual/standard etc. on the basis of what is correct/usual or standard in BBC English.

Frankfurt International School: Art and artists. (Click to see at full size.)