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About the grammar quizzes

This website contains various quizzes to help you learn the most important aspects of English grammar. In general, the easier quizzes in each grammar topic come before the harder ones. If you are not sure how to do a particular quiz, click the Help button at the top right of every quiz page.

Many quizzes have two versions. Version 1 (the starting quiz) has fewer questions, which are presented in the same order each time. The questions start easier and get harder. Version 2 (linked to from version 1) has more, harder questions, which are presented in random order.

Note: These quizzes have been written to work correctly in Internet Explorer running in Microsoft Windows - with Javascript and pop-ups enabled. They may not work properly or at all in other configurations. [More]

Click for more detailed advice about the quizzes on this website.

Important: The quizzes are based on standards of grammatical correctness according to what is known as BBC English or the Queen's English. Some answers may be shown as wrong that are acceptable in other English dialects. [More on this.]

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