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The present continuous tense

Note: the present continuous is also called the present progressive tense.

Positive statements

1st personI am working ..we are working ..
2nd personyou are working ..you are working ..
3rd personhe/she/it is working ..they are working ..

Negative statements

1st personI'm not working ..we aren't working ..
2nd personyou aren't working ..you aren't working ..
3rd personhe/she/it isn't working ..they aren't working ..


1st personam I working .. ?are we working .. ?
2nd personare you working .. ?are you working .. ?
3rd personis he/she/it working .. ?are they working .. ?

Note that verbs that end in an -e drop the -e in the -ing form:

Note that one-syllable verbs which end in one vowel and one consonant, double the consonant in the -ing form

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