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Verbs: Person and number

The following table shows you how to name the various combinations of pronoun and number. This can be helpful if you are reading or listening to an explanation about grammar, or doing a grammar exercise.

Number Pronoun Person
Singular I first person
you second person
he - she - it third person
Plural we first person
you second person
they third person

So, for example, I is the first person singular, and they is the third person plural. The same information can also be shown as follows:

Grammar Designation Pronoun
First person singular I
First person plural we
Second person singular you
Second person plural you
Third person singular he - she - it
Third person plural they

We can now identify pronoun and verb combinations. For example, we ate is the first person plural of the verb to eat in the past simple tense. And the verb to forget in the third person singular present perfect tense is he (or she) has forgotten.

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