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My name is Paul Shoebottom. I have been a language teacher for more than 25 years. I am currently the Upper School coordinator for ESL at Frankfurt International School (FIS) where I have worked since 1987. I have an MA in TESL from the University of Birmingham, England. My dissertation was entitled: An analysis of the language of the International Baccalaureate Computing Studies Examination 1982-1993.

Many of the pages on this site are web versions of information and advice that I have prepared over the years for FIS students, teacher colleagues and ESL parents.

Important: The quizzes I have written will work correctly only within a specific browser set-up. I could create cross-browser versions, but this would be tedious and time-consuming. It would result in bloated web files that take longer to load, and it would reduce the time available for me to develop content. As a full-time teacher therefore I have made the decision not to attempt cross-browser coding.

If you find mistakes in any of the pages or if you have comments on the content or presentation of the site, I shall be glad to hear from you. You can contact me at .

Disclaimer: My site contains many links to external sites. At the time I established them the links worked, and the linked content was relevant and appropriate. Please note however that responsibility for the content or maintenance of such externally linked pages rests solely with the creator of those pages.

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