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Using the site

Browser set-up

This site was originally created for students and teachers at Frankfurt International School. The pages were therefore designed to conform to the school's intranet set-up at that time: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+ running in Windows on a PC, with Javascript and pop-ups enabled, text size medium, at a screen resolution of 800x600. Later quizzes have been created to work best at 1028x768. This, or higher, is the currently recommended setting.

The pages were rewritten in January 2011 to unify their general appearance and functionality across all modern browsers.

Site visitors who have deactivated Javascript will be able to read the site's information pages and view the quiz pages, but none of the quizzes themselves will work.

Text page elements

Most of the site's text pages, such as this one, contain the following elements:

Student art graphic: Click to see it in full size.
Clickable quotation: Either external, or internal from within the current page.
icon - Print button: Click to open a print-friendly version of the page.*
icon - Larger button: Click to increase the text size.
icon - Smaller button: Click to decrease the text size.

* Links do not work in print-friendly pages.

Frankfurt International School: Art and artists. (Click to see at full size.)