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Translate these pages

Many learners reading these pages have little or no English. This makes it very difficult for them to understand the information and advice found here. But there is a way to get a translation of these pages in the major world languages. This can be done by using the translation tool in Google. It works as follows:

- open the page to be translated
- mark the text to be translated by dragging the mouse over it
- press Control-C to put it in the clipboard
- open Google
- click Language Tools (on the right)
- click in the box entitled Translate Text
- press Control-V to paste in the text
- change the from/to language option if necessary
- click Translate

If you want to get a good paper copy of the text, do the following:

- click in the box with the translated text
- press Control-A to mark all the text
- press Control-C to copy it
- open a new file in a Word processing program
- press Control-V

You will get a good translation of the text. It will have some problems but the main ideas will be understandable.

If you wish to see a translation of individual words on any of the pages of this site, you can use the online dictionaries made available by Answers.com. Click for more information on this.

Frankfurt International School: Art and artists. (Click to see at full size.)