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How to write for the web

Writing your pages

There are many different ways to make web pages for the Internet. For example, you can write the page in a simple text editor and include the HTML* code, you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word and save your page as an HTML file, or you can use a special HTML editor like Microsoft Frontpage or Dreamweaver.

* HTML is Hypertext MarkUp Language, which is a computer programming language for making web pages that can be read by any computer in the world.

The second and third ways listed above are the easiest ways to make web pages, particularly if you are not interested in computer language. But if you do want to learn how to write the special HTML code, there are many websites that you can visit that will teach you all you need to know. Just run a Google search on HTML tutorial. Here is one site, from w3Schools.com

Web page design

It is not enough to know how to write a web page, you need to know why you are writing it and who are you writing it for. If you are just writing for yourself and your friends, it doesn't matter what your page (or pages) include and how they look. But if you are writing for a bigger audience, you should follow the advice below:

A good way to get ideas about your own web pages is to look at other people's, and see what you like and donít like. If you find something that appeals to you, you can look at the HTML code and see how the page was made. (You can do this by clicking on Page Source or View Source in the view menu. )

Once again, there are many good websites with more advice on web page design. For example: here and here.

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