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The writing process - introduction

There are very few people who can do a good piece of writing quickly and without planning it or checking it through; and there are even fewer who can do this in their second or third language. Most good writers go through several stages before they are satisfied that their work is ready to present to their readers. At Frankfurt International School students are helped through these stages of the writing process in lessons called Writing Workshop.

The first stage of the writing process is the prewriting or planning stage. In this stage you spend time making notes and thinking how to organize your work. The next stage is composing; this is when you write up your notes in sentences and paragraphs. After this comes the important revising stage when you ask yourself questions such as: Does my writing make sense? Have I expressed my ideas clearly enough? Once you are satisfied with your answers to these questions, you are ready to check your work for grammar and spelling mistakes. This is the editing stage of the writing process, and it is followed by the last stage, which is publishing. Publishing is putting the writing into its final form, ready for sharing with others.

Here is a list of the five stages:

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