SquareWords is a word game similar to Scrabble®. It is easier than Scrabble, however, because you don't have to join to an existing word. At each turn you can place one or more words anywhere on the board.

SquareWords for 1 player
The instructions on how to play SquareWords can be read in the one-player game. It is recommended to play a one-player game first.      Start game

SquareWords for 2 players
In the 2-player game, you have the chance to decide on the length of each turn. The default setting is 60 seconds per turn, but you can change this by clicking a button on the right. You can also write your name or your team's name. The computer will choose at random which player or team will start.

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90 seconds:    60 seconds:   30 seconds:

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icon SquareWords uses its own dictionary containing over 40,000 words of 1-11 letters. The dictionary file is large (0.5MB), so the first time you play the game you may have to wait a while for the file to load.
icon If you enter a correct English word that is rejected, please send the webmaster an email and the word will be added to the dictionary.