Simple questions

PART A - Fill in the missing information and delete the wrong information:
1. My name is .
2. I come from .
3. I'm  years old.
4. I'm in the  th grade.
5. My homeroom teacher's name is .
6. I live in  .
7. I am very/quite tall/short/ medium-height.
8. I have long/short/medium-length black/brown/blonde hair.
9. My eyes are blue/grey/brown.
10. I have no brothers or sisters/ one brother and two sisters ....
11. I like soccer/tennis/reading/swimming ...
12. I don't like German food/homework ..
13. My favourite colour is red/brown/green ...
14. My favourite school subject is ESL!!/math ...
15. A school subject I don't like is ...
16. Three more sentences about myself or my family:
 PART B - Write full sentence answers to these questions:
a. What is your name?
b. Where are you from?
c. How old are you?
d. Which grade are you in?
e. What is your homeroom teacher's name?
f. Where do you live?
g. Have you got any brothers or sisters?
h. What do you look like?
i. What are your hobbies?
j. What school subjects do you like and dislike?