Unscramble sentences

A. Unscramble these words to make good sentences. Don't forget to put a capital letter at the beginning and a period at the end of each sentence.
1. name her is Susan
2. goes to she FIS
3. from Canada comes she
4. brother in grade the her is seventh
5. old is 11 she years
6. father in works a bank her
7. playing she tennis likes
8. language French is first her
9. black green hair eyes and has she
10. by comes to bus school she
B. Unscramble these words to make good questions. Begin each question with a capital letter and end each one with a question mark.
11. your is what name
12. you from come do where
13. old how you are
14. birthday when your is
15. you school how to do come
16. your work does father where
17. to what you do play like
18. grade are in you which