Missing words

Each star means a word is missing. Erase the star and write in the best word:
Gopal and Nataki live near a * in India. Gopal is a *
and he is happy because he * his job. One day he * a big
fish in his * ; he is going to kill it when the fish opens its
* and starts to talk. It says, "Do not * me, put me back in
the * . I want to live!" So Gopal puts * fish back and goes
home. When he tells Nataki * the fish, she is angry. She
tells * to go back to the river and ask the fish for some *
and a new red dress. So Gopal goes back and the fish * into
his net. He * the fish what Nataki wants, and the fish
answers, "She can't have * she wants. Put me back in the river and
go home!"
When Gopal gets home, he * food on the table and Nataki is
* a new red dress. "Beautiful!" he says, "Are you *
now?" But Nataki is not happy and she tells her husband to go back
* the river and * the fish for more things. Each time the fish
gives her what she * but she is still not satisfied. Finally,
she wants to be * of her country. When Gopal tells the fish,
it says again, "She * have everything she wants. Put me back
in the river and go home. And * , Gopal!" When Gopal gets
home, Nataki is in her old * and all her new things have gone.
She is * and tells him to go back to the river, but Gopal *
not see the big fish. It * jumps into his net again!