sentences for correction

A. If the sentence is wrong, correct it - use CAPITAL letters! If the sentence is right, type "OK!" at the end!
Example: (i) My friend's Japanese. She comes from Korea.
My friend's Japanese. She comes from JAPAN.
(ii) My friend's from Denmark. Her first language is Danish. OK!
1. If you want to buy stamps you must go to the post office.
2. First lesson starts at five past nine.
3. Some FIS students walk to school.
4. If I want to measure the weight of something, I need scissors.
5. There are 60 minutes in one second.
6. If you are hungry, you must drink something.
7. You must bring your knife to school.
8. A football is bigger than a tennis ball.
9. If you want to see very small things, you can use thermometer.
10. Mr Shoebottom is the oldest teacher in the school.
B. Now write 5 sentences of your own. Some must be wrong and some must be right!