Rhyming words

Words that rhyme have the same sound. CAT and HAT are examples of words which rhyme.

A. Find a word to rhyme with the examples below; erase the question marks and type in the rhyming word. There is a sentence to help you in each case. Be careful: not all words that rhyme use the same letters!
1. cat    hat  (you wear it on your head)
2. mad   ????? (short name for father)
3. late   ????? (the opposite of love)
4. yard   ????? (not easy)
5. house   ????? (a tiny animal)
6. book   ????? (what you do with your eyes)
7. ball   ????? (part of a house)
8. tree   ????? (doesn't cost anything)
9. grows   ????? (you smell with it)
10. meat   ????? (on the end of your legs)
11. night   ????? (you do this with a pen)
12. rule   ????? (where you are now)
B. Now write 6 pairs of rhyming words of your own with a clue: