Double letters 1

A. All the words below have a double letter missing. The double letters may be consonants like 'rr' 'tt' 'pp' or vowels like 'ee' 'oo' 'uu'. Can you fill in the missing letters using the clues?
Example: le**er (You post it) = letter
1. pu**y (a baby dog)
2. ca**ot (a vegetable)
3. pu**le (crossword)
4. mi**or (you look in it)
5. f**d (you eat it)
6. ke**le (to boil water in)
7. ri**on (to tie presents)
8. sk**ng (good fun in winter)
9. vac**m (there's nothing in it)
10. t**th (you bite with them)
11. la**er (you can climb up it)
12. co**** (a drink)
13. b**t (you wear it on your f**t)
B. Now write five examples of your own plus a small clue.