Book review

Book reviews tell other people about books we have read. A book report gives the author's name, the book title, and says what the book is about.
A. Read this book report by one of last year's ESL students.
AUTHOR: Robert Benchley
type OF BOOK: Adventure
CONTENT: It's about a big shark which eats people when they are
OPINION: I liked the story. It was exciting and a bit
frightening. I've seen the film - that was good too.
B. Now answer these questions about the book report.
1. What is the book about?
2. Who wrote it?
3. What did the student think about the book?
4. Was it a love story?
C. Now read this book review by another student.
 "I didn't like the story about the ship; it was boring and the
pictures in it weren't very good. J.R Smith wrote "The Sinking of
the Titanic" because his father was killed when the ship hit an
iceberg. More that 1,000 people died when the ship sank. I don't
like True Life stories - I prefer adventures."
The book review is a bit mixed up. Rewrite the information under the headings below.
type OF STORY: