A. All these sentences contain one or more words which have one letter too many. Can you correct them?
Example: fourty = forty writeing = writing
1. Can your help me with my homeworks? 2
2. Why do you allways forgett to bring your materials to class? 2
3. I'm flying back to Brazil tommorrow. 1
4. We had a wonderfull time on our hoilidays in Switzerland. 2
5. I need to buy some tabletts; I've got a terrible stomache
ache. 2
6. The last time I saw him he was liveing in a large appartment in
the middle of the city. 1
7. If you want to get fit you must take plenty of excercise. 1
8. I was so tired last night that I sleept for ten hours. 2
9. I went shopping yesterday and brought all my Christmass
presents. 2
10. Can you give me a differrent fourk, please. This one is dirty. 2
11. Have you written your 'thank-you' letters yet. - No, I'm going
to do it when I have finnished cutting the grass. 1
12. Why where you absent yesterday? - I had to go to the optician
to have my eyes tested. 1
13. My friend has a lot of pets: 3 hammsters, 4 rabbitts and 5
mices. 3
14. Where does your farther work? - In a factory, I beelieve. 2
15. What do you want four you're birthday? - A new settee with lots
of soft cushions and a new cofffee-table. 3
16. Go to bed know, please! - But I cann't, I have to clean my teeth
first. 2
17. I went to the zoo last weekeend and saw 3 kangarroos, 2
girraffes and a gorrilla. 4
18. What are you doing? - I'm fixxing my brother's biciycle. 2
19. I have choosen a nice blue blouse for my sister's birthday in
Ocktober. 2
20. She always laughes when she gets an answer wrong. 1
B. Now write 6 sentences which contain ONE word which has ONE letter too many.