Fill in the missing words

The stars show where a word is missing from the text. Erase the star and put in a suitable word!
The White family want a * in the town, where they can * near
the shops and the cinema, but a new house * $400 and they
haven't got this much * .
One day Mr Morris, an old * of theirs, comes to visit them.
The Whites like to hear his * about different countries.
Suddenly Herbert * that Morris has something in his * - it's a
monkey's foot! Morris * them that they can have three * with
the foot but he knows that it is very * and so he throws it on
the * . While the others go to the table to start dinner,
Herbert * the foot from the fire without * seeing him.
Later, when Morris has * , Mr White picks up the foot and
* for $400. The foot * in his hand but no money appears. They
are * and go to bed. Next * there is still no money and they go
off to * as usual.
Herbert doesn't return from the * at the normal time and Mr and
Mrs White start to get * . Suddenly there is * on the door. It
is a * from Herbert's workplace. He has some terrible * for the
Whites - that Herbert was * in a big machine in the factory. He
has a * with him, offering them $400 compensation!
Later that night the Whites are in * . Suddenly Mrs White
* that they have 2 * wishes and runs to get the monkey's foot.
Mr White tries to * her but he is too late - she wishes her son
* again. At first nothing * , then they hear footsteps coming
down the * towards the door. Then something knocks on the door
- * and again. Mrs White rushes downstairs to open up but
* she can do this Mr White finds the * and wishes his son *
again. When Mrs White * the door there is nothing * !