A. All of the following sentences contain one or more words which have a letter missing. Can you put the missing letter back in?
Example: Franfurt = Frankfurt Intenational = International Scool = school
1. I'm going to Japan in Febuary. 1
2. Did you do anything intresting at the weekend? 1
3. Has your mother stoped smoking yet? 1
4. You passed your driving test first time? Congratulatons! 1
5. Thanks for helping me. - It's a plesure! 1
6. You will burn youself if you sit to close to the fire. 1
7. Turn of the radio and go to bed imediately! 2
8. I've lost a lot of weigh recently; my trousers are too lose. 2
9. The libarian was very anoyed with me for forgeting to bring my
book back on time. 3
10. Do you realy eat octopus for brekfast? 2
11. It took us hours to clim to the top of the mountan, 2
12. What's the opposit of 'marvelous'? - It's 'terible', I
think. 3
13. What are you laghing about? I don't think it's at all funy. 2
14. The bigest animal in the world is the wale. 2
15. Were was he yesteday? - I'm not sure, but I think he was sick. 2
16. On Wenesdays I play sqash and on Satudays I go swiming. 4
17. Do you now where she is? - Yes, she's in the dining-room nitting
a new pullover. 2
18. The baby is getting biger and biger evry day. 3
19. Can I have a diffrent nife, please? This one's dirty. 2
20. Can I have the scissor, please? 1
21. Why are you always geting the ansers rong? 3
22. You will never get fit unless you execise more. 1
23. We wached an exiting film on televison last night. 3
24. It's easier to clean you carpet with a vacum cleaner. 2
25. I'm going sking with the school next January. 1
26. Can you help me finish this crossword puzle? 1
27. You must come straigt home when you've bougt your presents. 2
28. Their house is so big that they have to kichens. 2
29. What do you want for your birtday? 1
30. If the wether's good tomorow we'll play tenis. 3
B. Now write 6 sentences of your own - each containing ONE word with ONE letter missing.