Night to remember

In the following story there are some words missing. You have to decide where a word has been left out and type it back in. USE CAPITAL LETTERS!
He got out bed and walked into bathroom.
Answer: He got out of bed and walked into the bathroom.
It was half past on a windy winter. Mr and Jones had just gone bed
when they heard loud noise coming from downstairs. This frightened
but Mr Jones decided to down to investigate. He picked his heavy
walking stick and tiptoed down the. He went slowly into the dining
and, pulling back the curtains, he looked the window into the
garden. He was relieved to see that the sound was coming from the
branches of a which were scraping against the window in the wind.
Meanwhile dog which had been sleeping in the kitchen had woken up
and silently followed Mr Jones the dining room. Without Mr Jones
noticing, the dog over to the window and rubbed cold nose against
his master's ankle. This gave Mr Jones such a shock that jumped
into the air and fell through the window, cutting his very badly.
Mrs Jones, hearing all the noise, came down to what was happening.
When she saw her husband's cut hand she went to bathroom to get a.
But the cut didn't stop bleeding so she decided to ring for an
B. Can you finish the story, also missing out some words?