A. A good way of putting two ideas together in one sentence is to
use the words "who" or "which".  Look at these examples:
a. The teacher is a good tennis player. He comes from California.
The teacher who comes from California is a good tennis player.
b. A dictionary is a book. It tells us the meanings of words.
A dictionary is a book which tells us the meanings of words.
Here are some more examples:
- A dentist is a man who fixes your teeth.
- I'm going to see a film which is about a shark called Jaws.
- Masako's friend lives in a big house which has 15 rooms.
- I don't like teachers who give us a lot of homework.
B. You can see that we use "who" to join sentences when we are
talking about people and we use "which" when we are talking
about things or animals.
C. Put these sentences together using "who" or "which".
1. A vet is a doctor. He looks after sick animals.
2. I like teachers. They let us watch videos.
3. A corkscrew is an object. It is used to open bottles of wine.
4. I hope the police catch the men. They stole our car.
5. I hate anyone. He smokes while I'm eating.
6. What was the name of the horse? It won the race.
7. A scarf is a piece of clothing. It is worn around the neck.
8. Tippex is a liquid. It lets you correct mistakes quickly 
  and easily.
9. Where is the person? He took my homework planner.
10. A hammer is a tool. It is used to knock nails into wood.
11. I'm looking for someone. He can help me repair my bike.
12. He doesn't like watching films. They scare him.
D. Now finish these sentences. Remember you have to use ""who" or "which". (Erase the dots)
1. An optician is a doctor ......
2. A waiter is a man ......
3. I like people .......
4. I hate people .......
5. A pair of scissors .......
6. A dog is an animal ......
7. I like anything ........
8. I can't stand anything ......
9. What is the name of a person ...... ?
10. What do you call a thing ........?
E. Now look at the way of putting sentences together when we are
talking about a place.
Example: A school is a building. Students learn about different
subjects there.
A school is a building where students learn about
different subjects.
F. Put these sentences together with the word "where". Remember to delete the word "there".
1. Paris is the city. You can visit the Eiffel Tower there.
2. A supermarket is a shop. You can buy different kinds of food
3. Africa is a continent. There are lots of wild animals there.
4. The kitchen is the room. Many people clean their bikes there.
5. Last week I visited the town. I was born there.
6. The hotel was very expensive. We stayed there last summer.
7. I would like to live in a country. The sun shines every day
8. Can you tell me the name of the shop. You bought your lovely
new dress there.