Proofreading sentences

Proofreading means carefully checking your work for errors. You
should always try to make your finished writing as free of mistakes
as possible. Your writing should be in correct paragraph form. 
It should have correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
A. Read the sentences below. When you find a word that you think is misspelled, erase it, and type in the correct spelling.
1. Azusa laught at the funy joak.
2. Mads like lissening to musik.
3. Orit dosen't like her math teatcher.
4. Whitch one of you rote on the wall?
5. Anna loves lerning Sience.
B. Read the sentences below. If you find a letter that needs to be a capital letter, erase the lower-case letter and type in a capital letter. If the letter is a capital letter by mistake, erase it, and type in a lower-case letter.
6. mr. shoebottom is a good Tennis player.
7. The ESL Students come from many different countries, like
korea and japan.
8. Masako is going to visit her grandparents in march.
9. One of Peter's favorite Films is "the adventures of roger
10. who knows where Mr Schwaninger lives? - i do, in oberursel
C . The following exercises will give you practice in finding and correcting punctuation errors. You will need to add or erase some punctuation marks.
11. Hye-Seung had, pens pencils erasers and books in her
12. Fabrizio who is your favourite, singer.
13. Kamyar asked "Have you seen my ESL workbook.
14. Look out Jutaro? Theres a spider on your shoulder
15. Were going, to the cinema Do you want to come too