Illogical sentences

A. All the following sentences are illogical. Can you correct one word to make them right?
IMPORTANT: - Write in the new word before you erase the old one!
1. - "I'm going to England next week for a short holiday!"
  - "Don't forget to change your euros into dollars before you go!"
2. Chairs, tables, knives and beds are all types of furniture.
3. My father's brother is my cousin.
4. My sister-in-law is my sister's husband.
5. The meat we get from a pig is called beef.
6. I see a saw on the saw-see.
7. I can't afford to buy a new computer - it's too cheap.
8. The train went through the funnel and out the other side.
9. The weather was wonderfully hot so she put on her scarf.
10. - "I've just won 10,000 euros in the lottery!"
  - "Really? How awful!"
B. Now write 3 illogical sentences of your own!