Identifying sentences

A. Put a full stop or question mark somewhere in the following passages to make two sentences. Remember to capitalize:
1. What are you doing I told you not to throw food.
2. I like the girl who lives next door she always says hello
in a friendly way.
3. The capital of France is Paris it is a beautiful city.
4. The animal you saw yesterday is a hedgehog they hibernate
in the winter.
5. Why did you say that don't you want to help me?
6. If you're going to the shops can you buy me some eggs I
want to make an omelette.
7. I'd like another cup of coffee and a piece of cake and
bring me a clean spoon, please.
8. I went to New York in the summer vacation I had a
wonderful time.
9. If you want to cut wood you need a saw if you want to cut
paper you need scissors.
10. This is the last question I hope the exercise was not too
11. Why did you do that I've told you many times how
dangerous it is.
12. It's never too late to learn to swim you never know when
you may fall from a boat.
B. Now write 4 more run-on sentences of your own: