Silly sentences

Erase the words in block capitals in the following statements or
questions and write in a different word which makes the sentence
very silly. You score one point for every time you make your
teacher laugh.
1. I was WATCHING the television when suddenly the phone rang.
2. Oh no! Somebody's eaten my APPLE.
3. I always CLEAN my teeth before going to bed.
4. Where's my racquet? I want to PLAY TENNIS.
5. It was a beautiful day - there wasn't a CLOUD in the sky.
6. How are you travelling to Japan next week? - I'm going by
7. My grandmother sent me a lovely POSTCARD from Africa where she
was on holiday.
8. I like my new WATCH - it's got two white hands and a green
9. If you do that again, I will TELL THE TEACHER.
10. Have you ever DRUNK WHISKEY? - Oh yes! I DRINK WHISKEY three
or four times a week.
11. I WENT to the cinema with my girlfriend last night.
12. How many times have I told you not to SWING ON YOUR CHAIR?
13. The phone rang while I was HAVING A BATH.
14. Why don't you ever LISTEN TO me?
15. I'm getting too fat; I should stop eating so much CHOCOLATE.