A. Homophones are words which sound the same but which have different meanings and (sometimes) spellings.
Example: meat / meet.
Delete the wrong homophone in the sentences below.
1. Can't you ever do anything right/write?
2. Eye/I can see/sea the see/sea from my bedroom window.
3. I would like two/too apples two/too, please.
4. Which/witch which/witch do you like the best - the one/won
with the green hare/hair or the one/won with the blue knows/nose?
5. If you want to make a cake you need to buy some flower/flour.
6. I red/read a red/read book last week.
7. Were/where where/were you yesterday?
8. I'm going to draw/drawer a picture of that draw/drawer.
9. Know/no I don't know/no!
10. Wear/where are they? -Their/there/they're
B. This time you have to find the wrong homophone/s and correct it/them. The number in brackets tell you how many homophone mistakes there are in each sentence.
Example: Apples and pairs grow on trees. (one)
Answer: Apples and pears grow on trees.
11. The principle's sun grew up to be a famous pop singer. (two)
12. Since going on a diet I have lost a lot of wait. In fact my
waste is now too centimeters smaller. (three)
13. What did he by when he was in town yesterday? (one)
14. My friend is very clever; she past all of her exams. (one)
15. Whose coming to your party tomorrow? (one)
16. Where we're you yesterday? (one)
17. The naughty student through a banana at his teacher. (one)
18. I eight ate apples last weak. (three)
19. My farther one a nice price in his company's lottery. (three)
20. You're so lazy. You spend the hole time in lessons just
looking out off the window. (one)
21. When the whether was good last summer she road her bike to
school every day. (two)
22. My dog always berries his bone under the earth. (one)
23. What are you doing hear? I told you to weight in my room! (two
24. Wood you like me to read you a fairy tail before I put you to
bed? (two)
25. Be quite! I'm trying to do my homework. (one)
26. That old man always stairs at me when I walk passed his house.
27. Sorry, she can't come to school. She's to week - she's
got the flew. (three)
28. If you brake my bike you'll have to pay for it. (one)
29. You need flower if you want to bake a cake. (one)
30. She tied a not in her handkerchief so she wouldn't forget his
birthday. (one)
C. Can you think of any more pairs of homophones? Write them like this: bear/bare