Hidden words

Each of the following sentences contains a hidden word. When you find it, type it at the end of the sentence. There is a clue to the hidden word in the bracket.
Examples: Yoichi never comes late. = CHIN
Eveline very often gets top score. = NEVER
1. Chama often takes a book home from the ESL library. (You can
sleep in it)
2. I hope the train will arrive right on time. (moving water)
3. Come outside after you have finished your homework.
(not able to hear)
4. Pick up those books now, please! (seen in winter)
5. He won't win the race; he's too slow. (brother or sister
born at the same time)
16. That nasty crab bit my finger! (an animal)
7. The post arrives at 7 o'clock every day. (you see it in the
sky at night)
8. My uncle and aunt are coming to dinner tomorrow. (not dirty)
9.  The last one to leave the room has to put the chairs up.
(you find it in the middle of a cherry)
10. She came racing along the corridor and bumped into Mr Wood!
(it has a lens)
11. I ate a cherry last night. (there are lots of them at this
12. Do you like her pretty red dress? (part of a bike)
13. Please go at once and meet her at the bus stop. (two
14. I came late to class again. (an animal)
15. Do get up! It's late and you'll miss the bus. (an animal)
16. His nails are very long. (an animal)
B. See if you can write three sentences with a hidden word.