Put these sentences together using the word "whose".
Example: The man phoned the police - his car had been stolen.
The man whose car had been stolen phoned the police.
1. We saw some people standing by the road - their car had broken
2. I apologized to the woman - I had spilled her coffee.
3. She visited her teacher - his house was on the edge of town.
4. Who is the boy - his sister won the table tennis competition?
5. The man is famous for inventing a cure for AidS - his picture
is in every newspaper.
6. The girl is a good friend of mine - I borrowed her camera.
7. I don't like people - their manners are bad.
8. I want to find the boy - his dog ate my book.
9. The teacher was very angry - his classroom had been left in a
10. The librarian can't find the book - its cover was torn by a
11. I don't want to eat in a restaurant - its cooks smoke while
they are preparing the food.
12. The boy will get a detention - his ball broke the cafeteria
B. Write definitions for these words using "whose"
1. orphan
2. cripple
3. widow
4. widower
C. Can you ever leave out the word "whose"? Delete: yes no