Punctuate into sentences

The writer of this summary was too lazy to make sentences. Can you do it for him?
the woman is found guilty of murder by the jury and the judge
sentences her to life imprisonment she promises that she
will escape as no prison can hold her as soon as she arrives in
jail she gets into a fight with another prisoner and she asks to
be sent to the laundry while she is there she tries to escape in
the laundry truck but she is discovered by a guard and sent to
solitary confinement for 30 days when she comes out she again
fights with Shirley who injures her face badly Doc the
gravedigger nurses her but she tricks him about a letter he is
waiting for which will tell him if he can have an operation on his
eyes he promises to help her escape by giving her a master key she
will get into a coffin when she hears the death bell he will bury
her then dig her up later unfortunately he is the one who has died
as she sees when she lights a match in the coffin she now knows
that she will soon die too she screams but no-one hears her