Newspaper proofreading

You are the proofreader for your school newspaper. Your job is to read each story and correct mistakes before the paper is printed. Correct the newspaper stories below. Look for mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
1. the science room has a new pet It has a shell and livs 9in a glas cage 
 sometimes it changes shells. can you guess  whot it is It is a crab 
2. The Seventh grade took a trip to oberurselhospital oin 9april. 
  They visited the acident room and sow many ofthe 9mashines docotors 
  use a nurse takled about furst aid and8safety Everyone got a packet 
  fo band-aids to take home?
3. in february the midle school went sking in austriaThe =students 
  and teatchers staid in a big hotel on the Mountain.the sun shined most 
  days and everbody had a grate time?