Silly sentences

Fill in the blanks with a suitable silly word (use CAPITAL letters):
Example: I've never DRIVEN a tree.
1. My parents gave me a lovely    for my birthday.
2. Have you ever    a frog?
3. When I saw him he was wearing a      on his head.
4. My friend has a pet  .
5. Did you   a book last week?
6. What's she doing? -She is    her homework.
7. My grandfather sleeps on   .
8. I came to school by    yesterday.
9. I can't come to your party -I have to     my hair.
10. My   has a big head and little legs.
11. Have you   my brother?
12. For breakfast I like to eat  and drink   .
13. Why are you   the table?
14. He     for 8 hours every day.
15. On holiday last year I    every evening.