Sentence correction

A. All these sentences have something wrong in them. You need to correct them.
1. I see Chama in town yesterday.
2. What's Jee Hae doing? - She eats a hot dog.
3. Edvard has lots of freinds.
4. Where does Eveline live.
5. I went to the cinema with peter last week.
6. Beatriz like playing tennis.
7. Katsuhiko writes a long letter to his grandmother last
8. Noriko is getting up at 7 o'clock every day.
9. Wheres Vivian? - She's doing her homework?
10. Yoichi has not did his homework!
11. Listen! Kyung-Eun knocking on the door.
12. Tetsuya come late to class yesterday.
13. Nouman want's to play football tomorrow.
14. Chee Young come to school by bus every day.
15. Jung Yoon wears her pink pullover today.
16. Jae Hyun forget to do his homework last night.
B. Now write 5 sentences of your own, each containing ONE mistake.