Tense practice

A. Erase the incorrect answer in the following sentences:
1. Kazuyoshi plays / played soccer yesterday.
2. Nouman is always coming / always comes to school by bus.
3. Katsuhiko doesn't wear / isn't wearing his black shoes
4. Do you always speak / Are you always speaking Portuguese at
home, Beatriz?
5. Why didn't you / don't you come to my party last Friday.
6. Kyung Eun usually eats / is eating rice for breakfast but this
morning she eats / ate bread.
7. Is Chee Jung reading / does Chee Jung read a book about
sport at the moment? - No, but last week she reads / read a
magazine about animals.
B. Finish these irregular verbs:
a. begin
b. break
c. bring
d. buy
e. drive
f. find
g. give
h. grow
i. run
j. see
k. speak
l. swim
m. take
n. teach
o. think
p. wear
q. win
r. write