If the sentence is logical leave it; if it is not, change one word in the sentence to make it logical.

Examples: My friend is polite - she always says 'Please' and 'Thank you'. - Logical!

My friend is very stupid - she always gets grade A in her tests. - Illogical!

Correction: My friend is very clever -she always gets grade A in her tests. - Logical

IMPORTANT: - Write in the new word before you erase the old one!
1. If you want to buy bread you must go to the butcher's.
2. I haven't got enough money to buy the record - it's too
3. The teacher told the class he was very pleased with them for
being so lazy.
4. My dog was unwell so I took him to the optician.
5. My brother is a carpenter - he repairs cars.
6. Let's go to the beach today - the weather is terrible!
7. When someone sneezes you have to say 'Cheers!'
8. Why are you whispering? I can't hear a word you're saying.
9. I always get embarrassed if I give the wrong answer in class.
10. I'm so miserable I passed my last math test.
11. She went up to the cellar to fetch a bottle of wine.
12. You can't swim in that water - it's too shallow.
13. My friend did worse than me in the last ESL test - she got an
A and I got a B.
14. I've just failed my driving test - Congratulations!
15. I went to the shop and brought a new record.
16. The neighbour's cat barks all night - I never get enough
17. You will soon have a baby sister - your mother is pregnant.
18. My grandmother lives in a beautiful cage on the edge of town.
19. I had a marvellous time on holiday in France; I hated every
minute of it.
20. (Two friends speaking on the telephone)
- Can you come to my party tomorrow?
- Hang up! I'll go and ask my mother.