One word missing

A. In each of the following sentences there is a missing word. Decide what it is and write it in. In some sentences more than one answer is possible.
Example: I going to the cinema tomorrow.
Answer: I'm going to the cinema tomorrow.
1. I like listening to radio.
2. The new student comes Japan.
3. Today the weather is hot sunny.
4. I drink coffee I don't drink tea.
5. She waited the corner for the bus.
6. My friend has lot of money.
7. The boy put his hands in pockets.
8. I have many pets: three dogs, two cats and hamster.
9. He forgotten to do his homework again.
10. Do you swimming every week?
11. Many FIS students can play piano.
12. Most students like to sit the back of class.
B. Now write some sentences of your own with one word missing!