One word too many

A. Each of the following sentences has one word too many. Can you find it and erase it? Don't forget to capitalize the new first word if necessary.
Example: If you must remember to do your homework.
Answer: You must remember to do your homework.
1. Where is my so ESL book?
2. Are you going to the party at the Eveline's house?
3. I'm play tennis every Saturday.
4. She has 3 cats, and 2 dogs and 5 hamsters.
5. What are you talking to about?
6. I haven't a time to do it now.
7. Yoichi is left his jacket on the bus.
8. You'll will fail your test if you do not study hard.
9. He's has forgotten his book again.
10. She comes to school by the bus every day.
11. After the breakfast I go to the bathroom and have a shower.
12. She has her sisters but no brothers.
13. Where are you coming to the party, too?
14. I go to my bed at 10 o'clock every night.
15. Why don't you not do your homework on time?
16. I've never been to America soon.
17. Is this the last sentence in the the exercise?
18. I'm think so!
19. Do you like listening to the classical music?
20. She told to her teacher that she felt sick.