Nonsense words

How clever are you at making up nonsense words? Replace the word/s in the following sentences which are marked with a star * with a nonsense word. Just one thing to remember: you must be able to say the nonsense word. So 'yoog' is possible, but 'txctz' is not.
Example: Have you *seen your father today?
Answer: Have you stagged your father today?
1. Oh dear, I've lost my *dog.
2. Look, he's *feeding the cat.
3. Did you *clean your teeth last night?
4. You always do your homework too *quickly.
5. When's the last time you *saw an elephant?
6. How many times do I have to tell you not to *chew *gum in
7. My favourite food is *pizza.
8. The *boy *walked slowly across the *room.
9. We live in a *big *house in the middle of town.
10. *Listen! Someone is *playing the *piano next door.
11. Have you ever *spoken Greek?
12. I *love my *cat very much.