Extra words

A. Read the following text and find the extra words. The number tells you how many extra words there are in each line. Put brackets round the extra word - the first has been done for you.
2 Have you ever (not) looked at a bee? If you see why a bee on a
2 flower, and take a close look at it. Do you see many little of
1 hairs? The hairs hold something that looks like a bits of dust.
1 This "dust" is called from pollen. The pollen is food that the
1 bee carries from flower to flower and plant to the plant.
1 From some plants it bee carries away pollen. On other plants it
1 drops off pollen. In this also way the bee carries pollen from
1 one plant to another. The pollen helps new or plants to grow.
1 While the bee gets food hungry, it is also starting new plants.
B. Now write your own text with extra words: