More interesting sentences

A. Look at these sentences:
- Chama has a dress. It is new. It is red. It has silver buttons.
- Noriko ate lunch. She ate a sandwich. She had a bowl of soup.
The soup was hot. She drank a glass of milk. The milk was cold.
- Vivian comes from Brazil. She has hair. It is long. It is brown.
She has eyes. They are large. They are brown.
B. You probably agree that it is boring and difficult to read
such short sentences. It is much better to put them together like
- Chama has a new red dress with silver buttons.
- For lunch Noriko ate a sandwich and a bowl of hot soup and she
  drank a glass of cold milk.
- Vivian, who comes from Brazil, has long brown hair and big
  brown eyes.
C. Make the following short sentences into ONE longer sentence. Write it underneath.
1. Look at that dog! It is tiny. It is black. It has white
spots on its face.
2. My friend likes coffee. She likes tea. She doesn't like milk.
3. Jee Hae comes from Korea. Kyung Eun comes from Korea. Jae
Hyun comes from Korea.
4. I'm going to buy the skateboard. It is blue. It has red
wheels. It has a picture of a dragon on top.
5. My father is 45 years old. He plays football. He goes
jogging. He doesn't play tennis any more. His wrist was
broken. This happened two years ago.
6. I get up. I go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth. I comb my
hair. I go back to my bedroom. I get ready for school.